My work deals with memories and feelings of personal experiences and heightened states of emotion. Free and intimate but universal in its relevance, my body of work compasses different forms of artistic expression, including theater, live and video performance, participatory lecture performance, audio walks, painting, drawing, collage, film as well as  video and audio installation. It draws on the fundamental themes of love, desire, loss and grief as well as body, its objectification and positivity, unfolding in the process the nuanced constructs of woman and self through piercing self-exploration. My confessional style has often a sexually provocative attitude that places my production within the queer feminist discourse.

I had been shown my works in venues like the Parallel Program of Manifesta in Russia, the WRO Art and Media Biennale in Poland, Bienalsur in Argentina and  viennacontemporary, Vienna Parallel and Vienna Art Week in Austria.

Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria

Erasmus Performance and Choreography (CUP), Gießen, Germany 

Post-graduation in extension studies in Aesthetics at UNIRIO 

Acting studies at Escola Estadual de Teatro Martins Penna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian born, Austrian nationality