Das ist doch a love song

Based on the misfortune and happiness of daily life, Camila Rhodi converges Berlin’s extraordinary multiplicity, history and the power of a dynamically lived experience to assemble small portraits of the city.

A hand-drawn map of Berlin is the starting point to join the tour, combined with some drops of intimate self-narratives. The artist invites people to visit each spot on the map, that she draws in front of the audience. There are 3 audio recordings for the audience to listen to, with individual headsets, that will guide them with stories and sounds of different places.
The artist compares herself and her passion to the city and the tragedies of the place. She ponders in a cheerful, critical and refreshing way themes such as prejudice, migration, freedom and choices.


link to one of the audios:


At the artist’s place in Berlin for B-Tour in 2013.

At Meinblau Gallery, Berlin for LATITUD 32˚N/55˚S in 2015.