I am available for designing and conducting group workshops based on theatrical techniques.

To organise a workshop with me, please get in touch.


Throughout 2016 I created and conducted a series of workshops for migrant women in collaboration with MAIZ in Linz. The workshops were based on the Forum Theater technique by Augusto Boal.

In this technique, pioneered by  Augusto Boal, a play or scene, usually indicating some kind of oppression, is shown twice. During the replay, any member of the audience is allowed to intervene, step forward and take the place of one of the characters, showing how they could change the situation to enable a different outcome. Several alternatives may be explored by different spect-actors. The other actors remain in character, improvising their responses. I take the role of the facilitator to enable communication between the players and the audience.

This technique breaks through the barrier between performers and audience, putting them on an equal footing. It enables participants to try out courses of action which could be applicable to their everyday lives. Originally the technique was developed by Boal as a political tool for change (part of the Theatre of the Oppressed), but has been widely adapted for use in educational and organisational contexts.

How to book a workshop

If you think your organisation might benefit from a workshop using theatrical techniques like “Forum Theater”, please get in touch via the contact page.