Based on memories of the body, stories of life and simple, practical exercises, this workshop proposes the stimulation of sensibility, enabling access to internal qualities and ideas, which can inspire creativity. Through the use of games and other ludic activities, this workshop provides a framework to think ’outside of the box’, exploring the various influences from performance to personal expression. Each participant is invited to experiment together with the others a new way of seeing, listening and feeling by stimulating the expression in a sincere and genuine way.

where the workshop had already been shared:
Escola de Teatro Martins Penna, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Verein Maiz, Linz, Austria
Feminismus & Krawall (f.u.k.), Linz Austria
Lod, Israel

Inspired by the games and exercises for actors and non actors of Augusto Boal and the Theater of the Oppressed• and the basic rules for the Theater Forum, the workshop proposes the deepening of awareness, dialogue and the deconstruction of dominant discourses.

The group will be invited to attend the workshop more actively. Games and exercises will be proposed to warm the body, demolish it, activate the voice and the interaction with the group, the occupation of space, activate memory, sensibility of the senses, confidence in itself and in the group, personal and collective empowerment.
From the techniques of Theater Forum* participants will divide into groups to create short pieces where they will present experienced situations of oppression. As oppressed and as oppressors. According to the techniques developed by Boal, each participant can intervene in the performance of the other, take the place of a character and show how they could change the situation, while others on the scene will have to improvise and continue with the performance.

in Lod the whorkshop results a public intervention

•Created by Augusto Boal, the Theater of the Oppressed is a theatrical methodology of political, educational and social intervention concerned with exposing the mechanisms, structures and imbalances of power in view of the emancipation of the human being and the transformation of society.
*Theater Forum is a form interactive theater that aims to create a dialogue to think outside structures and aims at social change and empowerment in oppressed communities. This technique aims to put into practice the different ideas and suggestions of actions by the audience to overcome the problem of oppression presented.