Das ist doch noch a love song, paradise version

I took a walk through Friedrichshain, passed by all Karl – Marx – Allee until Alexanderplatz. By walking I understood why I was there, why I came here, why at first I always back home with my painful feet, because of long walks, like a crazy person in love who can do everything to be more and more together, trying everything, all the possibilities with the beloved one.

Das ist doch noch a love song, paradise version is a very intimate audio walk, performed as a love song and an inward route to our bodies.

It invites you on an intimate audio walk starting at the own artist’s living room.

When recalling movements, encounters, abrupt pleasures, solitude or tender affection, we come to realize that our body is an archive which expands to the space and place we occupy.

The performative audio walk is based on the misfortune and happiness of daily life. It converges Berlin’s extraordinary multiplicity, history and the power of a dynamically lived experience to assemble small portraits of the city.

Small glasses of coconut water, Caiprinhas, hand-writing maps and a letter of love is the starting point to join the tour.

Das ist doch noch a love song, paradise version is a trilogy. The first part is an introduction, an explanation of the work, a lovely and warm welcoming. The second part is a love letter, it’s based on a story of love with the city.

In the third part, other residents of its city bring the reality, breaking all the romantic idea of the main character. There is no happy ending.

The artist compares herself and her passion to the city and the tragedies of the place. She ponders in a cheerful, critical and refreshing way themes such as prejudice, migration, freedom and choices. Some parts of the audio and its soundtrack combined with a performative work has some drops of references based on the movies of Lola Rent and Wings of Desire.

There are 2 audio recordings for the audience to listen to, with individual headsets, that will guide them with the stories.

Das ist doch noch a love song, paradise versionIt is a re-staging of an audio walk developed in 2013, revisiting memories, sensations and emotions, while reflecting on different phases of one’s life.

link for the 1st audio file: https://soundcloud.com/camila-rhodi-1/file-1

2nd audio file: https://soundcloud.com/camila-rhodi-1/file-2-das-ist-doch-noch-a-love-song-paradise-version

for B-Tour Festival 2019, in the frame of the exhibition Tracks in a Box.

performers -> Lola Lustosa & Filipe Serro

audio editor and assistant  -> Lisa Mössmer

pictures -> Joana Dias

curated by Yael Sherill and co-curated by Eliane Moll

kindly sponsored by Berlin Senate