Is there love in Berlin? Partcipatory Lecture Performance

After collecting stories in the neighborhood of Neukölln, Rhodi invites the audience to a multimedia participatory lecture-performance about stories of love in Berlin.

The artist met some residents of Neukölln in order to talk about their stories of love. At the same period, Rhodi researched about historical stories that happened in the same neighborhood.  With the material, constituted by personal audios, pictures and videos, the artist made a collage of the collected stories in order to develop the multimedia and participatory lecture performance. The work has a structure of a lecture. It takes one hour and half with a pause of 20 minutes.

During the pause the audience can also take part sharing their own stories, answering by written the questions of a questionnaire Camila wrote, based on the collected themes during the research process.

  1. Did you ever have a story of love in Berlin? If yes, did you suffer from the racism of your partner? Or had you ever been racist with your partner?
  2. Do you have friends in Berlin that you love?
  3. Is there love in Berlin?

Everything divided by themes and connected with excerpts of the American feminist author and social activist bell hooks’ book. The lecture-performance is compromised with personal and universal stories of love, touching on the compulsive drive to consume love as an expression of primal needs such as the need for care, nourishment, safety, belonging, emotional intimacy and validation.

The project touches on subjects such as oficial and unofficial history, gentrification, personal urban narratives, and cultural translation.

Few moments of the lecture performance:

Berlin, 2017

“A wonderful event, wholeheartedly thought and beautifully presented. You can feel the words coming out of Camila’s heart, and right into your own. Sehr zu empfehlen!!”  M. Haten Hamdy

2017 for B-Tour Festival, Berlin, Germany

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