Do you wanna talk about it?

Live Performance
‘Do U Wanna Talk About It?’ is a performative installation. In a private room, one member of the audience enters the room alone, sits in front of the artist and looks into the deep abyss of former experiences. The performance is autobiographical, only for one spectator and it lasts 4 minutes. (English and Brazilian Portuguese)

vídeo em português
 One Billion Rising  – Tanz Quartier . Vienna . Austria . February 2016 (Vídeo)
Unruly Bodies – gender norms resistance
Sophia Conference -Brussels . Belgium . October 2015
Kunstahaus Rhenania – Cologn. Germany . May 2015.
100˚Grade Festival – Sophiensaelle and Hebbel am Uffer – Berlin. Germany. February 2014
Month of Performance Berlin . PIC_Pieces in Chain. Altes Finanzamt 2013.
Musterzimmer. Berlin. August 2013.
Camila Rhodi: Der Tagesspiegel
Do u wanna talk about it blog 100˚Berlin

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