Over 18 only (video installation)



OVER 18 ONLY is a multimedia performance based on a parallel between the artist’s love affairs and her sexual abuse experience in childhood. In a confined space with one bed, each person from the audience lays down comfortably on the bed, seethe first video called Long Time No Sex projected on the ceiling and hears with headphones a mixed soundtrack based on Serge Gainsbourg‘s song Je T’aimeNext, another video called Over 18 Only begins in a small projection on the wall beside the pillow where the head of the spectator is supposed to be. This video describes the sexual abuse.
This random and ongoing video installation is a mixture of the funny, erotic and ironic stories of love affairs written in red on a toilette paper and a black and white serious story of violence.

Long time no sex (video)

Over 18 Only (video)

The installation Over 18 Only combines the use of an installation comprised of two videos constructing the illusion of a private space, in a exhibition frame. The one-to-one audience is invited to dive in an atmosphere of intimacy, lying on the bed to watch the stories of a woman who looks for love and sex as a survivor of sexual violence when a child.


Venues (the whole video installation)

2017: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Vienna, Austria

2013:  100˚ Grade Festival. Sophiensaele. Berlin, Germany.

           15th Art and Media Biennale. Wroclaw, Poland.

           Month of Performance. Altes Finanzamt. Berlin, Germany.

           Musterzimmer Gallery. Berlin. Germany

2012: HB Berlin. Berlin, Germany.

          Agora. Berlin, Germany.


100˚ Grade. HAU/ Sophiensaele Festival. Berlin 2013.


100˚ Grade. HAU/ Sophiensaele Festival. Berlin 2013.

wro 1

WRO 15th Media Art Biennale 2013

wro 4

wro 2

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