petit genre noise

An audio installation that brings to the exhibition the inside ambiance of Vivian Suter’s home in Panajachel. The sound of the forest, the noise of the dogs, the tropical rain and a variety of  languages coming directly from the artist’s living room. Throughout a vintage telephone appliance that represents not only the one placed at Suter’s as well as a reminiscence of Elizabeth’s antique shop, visitors can get more intimate with the artist, listening the everyday routine of her house.

a telephone, containing a record of  an ordinary day in  Vivian Suter and Elisabeth’s Wild house. 25 min, looping.


25 x18x 9cm

part of the project „Principle of Equality“.
Cooperation with Kontakt Collection, ERSTE Stiftung and Hotel am Brillantengrund in the frame of VIENNA ART WEEK 2019. 
Curated by Adam Szymczyk
Hotel am Brillantengrund, Vienna, Austria
19 to 25.11.2019

Press: fbclid=IwAR2qJYZWOxhoz9Q6nrCLvhsyze1I3Wffk2yY1NjArfUO02EkGOx4VD1fLTw

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