Take me


As an autobiographical portrait, ‘Take Me’ delves into personal history, cultural influences, and loneliness. The table, along with the vivid colors of selected objects, focused lighting, mechanical voiceover, and deliberate movements, creates an aesthetic distance between the artist and the audience. The performance consists of both intentional and spontaneous writings, punctuated by silences and evocative, often poignant images of the body.

For this live performance, a table and chair are set up. During the act, I blindfold myself and proceed to peel and cut a grapefruit with a sharpened knife. Through this, I reveal my deepest fears, many of which are tied to experiences of physical and psychological violence. As a performance artist, I often position my own body, voice, and thoughts in a vulnerable state, willingly exposing myself to others. While I acknowledge that this establishes a distinct relationship between the artist and the spectator, it also serves as a representation of the biography of the female body. This includes aspects such as economic control, cultural implications of the female form, its representation, sexualization, and objectification.


Documentation of the performance at Sophiensaele for the 100˚Grad Festival, Berlin:


Take Me was performed in the following venues (selected):


Vienna Parallel 2019. Vienna . Austria 

Sommerloch 2015. Wuppertal . Germany

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery 2015 . Berlin . Germany

 Expat Markt   2014. English Theater in Berlin. Germany

100˚  Grad Festival 2013. Sophiensaele – Hebbel am Uffer. Berlin. Germany.

Month of Performance . 2013. Berlin. Germany .

Musterzimmer. 2013. Berlin.Germany.

HB Lab . 2012 Home Base Berlin . Berlin. Germany.

Since 2019, the artist has been performing ‘Take Me’ featuring this dress made in collaboration with artist Catherina Renaux Hering.

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