Take me

As an autobiographical portrait, Take Me explores personal history, cultural influences, and loneliness. The table, in combination with the strong colors of the chosen objects, the focused light, the mechanical voiceover, and movements, build an aesthetic distance between the artist and the audience. The performance is comprised of both conscious and unconscious writings, interrupted silences, and painful, romantic images of the body.

As a storyteller, through a so-called confessional art, I manage to engage the viewer with a candid exploration of both personal and universal emotions, sometimes good, sometimes tragic as everybody’s life. I use to reveal some of the most intimate life details, connecting my work and personal life, sharing my intimacy. The often sexually provocative attitude connects my work with a feminist discourse.

For this performance, there is a table and a chair, where I blindfolded myself and while peeling and cutting a grapefruit with a sharpened knife, I expose my biggest fears, most of them related to physical and psychological violence, personal experiences of gender relations.

take me

As a performance artist, I use to place my own body, voice and thoughts putting myself in a vulnerable position, giving myself to others.

At Take Me, a blindfolded woman is in the middle of the audience offering herself to be taken from everyone. Though I am aware that it is a specific relation artist-spectator. It represents not only my biography but the biography of the female body, the economic control, the cultural implications of the female form, its representation, sexualization, and objectification.    


Take Me  . Venues

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 2017. Vienna. Austria

 Sommerloch 2015. Wuppertal . Germany

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery 2015 . Berlin . Germany

 Expat Markt   2014. English Theater in Berlin. Germany

100˚  Grad Festival 2013. Sophiensaele – Hebbel am Uffer. Berlin. Germany.

Month of Performance . 2013. Berlin. Germany .

Musterzimmer. 2013. Berlin.Germany.

HB Lab . 2012 Home Base Berlin . Berlin. Germany.