The most amazing stories of a daughter


a live performance about sugar, addiction, absence and maternal love.

While I sniff lines of sugar, the audience joins an intimate dialogue in a kitchen exchanging stories about junk food, sugar, sex, addictions, absences and maternal love.

It is a 20 micro Theater piece about a  6, 7 years girl waiting her mother come back home after work. She is addicted to TV and sugar. Her dream is to have a cooking tv program with a semi naked male assistant, like her mother who is an assistant of a famous TV program in Brazil.

This micro Theater piece discuss the relation between the affection and sugar. The social and parental relation and also the domination throughout food and sugar in a question of feelings which is also related with capitalism.

with Yunus Ersoy.

Link performance:

* This project receives funding from the Projektförderung of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


2019: FACT Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. With Yunus Ersoy

2018 : Gallerie 23, Gießen, Germany. For Theatermaschine. With Yunus Ersoy.

2017:  Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildende Künste Vienna, Vienna, Austria

2016: RAW MATTERS at Schikaneder, Vienna, Austria


‘…everybody squeeze in the space and take place in a long table, or wherever they could find a place to stand. A young lady in black dress is welcoming us to her kitchen.

She is Camila at the age of 5 or perhaps 6. She’s Brazilian and her parents were good friends… After school she goes home and cook herself a meal her mother prepared before. She watches a lot of TV:

– one might not have money, but one always have TV… at least one –

When she gets bored visits her neighbor.

The audience listen to her good mood told story, laughing in a nervous confusion… is it really amusing?

A smart way to process food, to process childhood.’  Lala Nomada, performance artist.

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