What If?

a public intervention

On a bus ride between Lod and Tel Aviv a group of actors join the commuters while reflecting on the relation between choices and oppression. The tour is a brief intervention into everyday reality inviting the travelers to a personal encounter around life, the pain and the beauty of it. In cooperation with Lod Theater ensemble.

Cast: Pnina Rintsler, Sariel Yagodnik, Sarah Morir Levi and Rotem Ziv

Continuing the artist’s research based on memories, affection and violence, the public intervention What If? is developed in order to discuss the relation between choices and oppression having as a scenery the road between Lod and Tel-Aviv.  Camila Rhodi create an intimate environment for the duration of the ride in which the group of Israeli-Palestinian actors share their own stories supported by conversations and popular songs. The road and the journey in this piece serves as a metaphor to the detours, rest-stops and shortcuts taken on the road and life.

What if? is developed special for Drisat Regel Festival – B_Tours Tel-Aviv/Jaffa/Lod 2017.

In the frame of Drisat Regel Festival and residence programm – B_Tours Tel-Aviv/Jaffa/Lod and Hamekarer. The festival and the residency program was an international cooperation between the Jinds Association in Lod, the CCA in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and Hamekarer. Supported by Artport Tel-Aviv, Goethe Institut, Austria Cultural Forum, German-Israeli Future Forum.

more: https://www.b-tour.org/b_tour–12–what-if.html

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