Produced between Vienna and Berlin (2019-2020), my drawing series of nude female bodies connect with my participatory performance work, reformulated in a bidimensional format as a minimalistic operation where I rethink the fundamentals of my artistic practice: physical proximity, intimacy, interdependence, co-authorship, vulnerability and negotiation of borders.

Both mediums for me represent different approaches to time-based art, influenced by similar compositional gestures from the framing of a situation, to controlling different scales of time, leaving elements open to improvisation and holding an aesthetic rhythm created by the organicity of bodies relating to each other.

of group
Berlin, 2020
52 x36cm each
charcoal on paper
The two of us (35 x 50cm)
Vienna 2019
my girls

no name, charcoal on paper 30 x 41cm
Berlin 2019
‘twogirlstogether n˚ 1’, charcoal on paper
35cm X 50cm
part of the private collection of Paz Ponce

no name , 30cm x 41cm
charcoal on paper
Berlin, 2020