Produced between Vienna and Berlin since 2019, my drawing series of nude female bodies connect with my participatory performance work, reformulated in a bidimensional format as a minimalistic operation where I rethink the fundamentals of my artistic practice: physical proximity, intimacy, interdependence, co-authorship, vulnerability and negotiation of borders.

Both mediums for me represent different approaches to time-based art, influenced by similar compositional gestures from the framing of a situation, to controlling different scales of time, leaving elements open to improvisation and holding an aesthetic rhythm created by the organicity of bodies relating to each other.



Germany, Berlin, Curly, March, April, Mai 2022 – TWOGIRLSTOGHETER


Austria, Vienna, opening 18.05.2022 – Fantasies of Group Meetings Production by MUME, curated by Lorena Moreno. Opening: Die Labile Botschaft | Salesianergasse 10, 1030 Vienna |  7pm
Exhibition: May 18-25, 2022
Café 7Stern | Mondscheingasse 1, 1070 Vienna | 24×7
Das Café | Burgasse 10, 1070 Vienna | 24×7
Die Druckstube | Darwingasse 23, 1020 Vienna | 24×7
Die Labile Botschaft | Salesianergasse 10, 1030 Vienna | 24×7
Litfaßsäule | Am Heumarkt 11, 1030 Vienna | Canceled venue
The Breakfastclub | Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, 1040 Vienna | 24×7
Supported by the Vienna City Culture Department MA7


Scotland, Morayshire, Gallery Pop, Curated by Georgina Porteous – TBA

of group
Berlin, 2020
52 x36cm each
charcoal on paper
The two of us (35 x 50cm)
Vienna 2019
my girls

´double check´ charcoal on paper 2 x 35X 50cm – Part of the exhibition TWOGIRLSTOGETHER, Berlin, 2022.

´princess back´ from the series ´my ex girlfriend´ A3, charcoal on paper
´open legs´ A3, charcoal on paper
´woman details`, A3 charcoal on paper, Berlin 2019
´wind woman´, A3 charcoal on paper
´sad girl 1´ from the series my ex girlfriend
A3 charcoal on paper
´sad girl 2´A3

´breast eyes´ charcoal on paper A3
´naked woman´ charcoal on paper A3
´the angry one´ charcoal on paper A3
´woman with hand on her shoulder´ charcoal on paper A3
´woman with a hand on her back´, charcoal on paper A3
´sunbath woman´ charcoal on paper A3
SOLD ´back with earring´ charcoal on paper A3 – Part of the collection C. Rinaldi
´dance leg´ charcoal on paper A4 – Part of the collection of the artist

open mind , charcoal on paper A4

about the kids I never had – collage and charcoal on paper. 2 X A4

cute baby, collage of acrylic on paper, A2. Berlin 2022

‘dead darling’, Acrylic on Paper, A2, Berlin 2021.

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