Long time no sex (video)

Drops of love affairs experiences are written in red letters on a toilet paper. Beside the distortion of the song Je T’aime moi non plus, the work is a mix of erotic, funny and ironic random stories.  The public display of intimate life details, with a non-fear of confronting sexual ethics, gender norms, and the tyranny of political correctness inspired by the so-called sex-positive feminist art. Fighting for the female sexuality deconstructing patriarchal structures of power and oppression, using the aesthetics of the ‘personal is political’ to the artistic practice as a method for empowerment.

It is a mixture of the funny, erotic and ironic stories of love affairs written in red on a toilette paper. 

Berlin, 2012.








2016: Tunis International Feminist Art Festival Chouftohoma, Tunis, Tunísia               2015:  Ehemaliges StummfilmKino Delphi Berlin, Germany.                                          2014:  Parallel Program of Manifesta 10. by Sale Festival. Saint Petersburg, Russia.        2013:  Sale Video Screening. Market Square, Cambridge.                                                              Female Project. ARTicle Gallery. Birminghan. UK.                                                              Art.moment. Moscow, Russia.

2012: Home Base Berlin