A Filha da Chacrete

In 2008 it was the year of my first autobiographical play, A Filha da Chacrete ( The Rockett’s Daugther). From improvisations based on objects and memories, first experiences of life, happiness, traumas, dreams and reflexions.

The name of the play was due to my mom really being a “Chacrete” – dancer and assistant in a famous TV show from a well-known presenter in Brazil. And my father was a fotonovel gallant. I’d like with this piece to remove the glamour of that situation and laugh about the stories, simple stories, that were like everyone else’s – sometimes good, sometimes not.

Through a scenic confession that takes place on the stage, A Filha da Chacrete invites the audience to reflect on their own lives and relationships with the past and consequently with the present. I worked based in my own experiences and stories I’ve heard from my mother. Since I was born, the pain of birth, going through the discovers of childhood until the adult life, the pain and the happiness of being alive.

During the time the play was shown, it was possible to notice a deep involvement of the audience during the performances. To the extent that I exposed my own biography, I provoked them in their  own memories.


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