‘In 2011, performance artist Camila Rhodi had an accident while driving her beetle Volkswagen in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rhodi unexpectedly veered off the paved road to discover her breaks were malfunctioning. Despite her areligious background, Rhodi instinctively began to pray. This is the video documentation of Camilla Rhodi’s performance piece that recreates the near-death, automotive experience—only performed once in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. The video shows Rhodi disrobing and slowly entering a bathtub filled with ice for the duration of 15 minutes and 47 seconds. Almost her entire body is submerged in the ice with the exception of her head, abdomen and feet—the exposed skin serves as a reminder to the viewer of her naked body’s subjection to the harsh temperatures of the ice. The extreme conditions of the tub are designed to emulate the feelings of peril and danger of the car, as well as a prolonged elapsing of time: in the ice cold bath every passing minute is perceived to be a passing hour. The second most noteworthy embellishment to the piece is the recording of traditional catholic prayers, recorded in Rhodi’s native tongue, Portuguese. Although Camila did not pray specifically to the traditional Catholic perception of God and the holy trinity, the piece draws sources from Catholics, the most dominant religion of Brazil. In addition to audible prayers, Rhodi positions candles at the head and foot of the tub, creating the sensation of being in the interior of a church, surrounded by votive candles.’

by Julia Jarrett

B.A. Columbia University ’15

The video installation was exhibited:

Altes Finanzamt taking part in Month of Performance. Berlin 2013

Musterzimmer at the solo exhibition. Berlin 2013.

Documentation of the exhibition :

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