The most amazing stories of a daughter


a live performance about sugar, addiction, absence and maternal love

Stories of a relationship between a mother and a daughter, the performance is based on the meals my mother and I had used in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In this piece I look into the last time I talked with her while she was cooking ‘brigadeiro’, a traditional Brazilian sweet for my 9th birthday party.

While I am frying ‘pastéis’ and sniffing lines of different types sugar, the audience joins an intimate dialogue in a kitchen exchanging stories about junk food, sugar, sex, addictions, absences and maternal love.

 I developed the live performance The most amazing stories of a daughter in order to discuss the relation between the affection and sugar. The social and parental relation and also the domination throughout food and sugar in a question of feelings which is also related with capitalism.

While I cook and share my own stories, I invite the audience to reflect upon this strong dependence on sugar. Looking for something throughout the sugar, the compulsive drive to consume as an expression of a longing for love, care, nurturing and often deeper things like safety, belonging, emotional intimacy and validation. 




* This project receives funding (authorized) from the Projektförderung of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


2017:  Atelierhaus der Akademie der Bildende Künste Vienna, Vienna, Austria

2016: RAW MATTERS at Schikaneder, Vienna, Austria



‘…everybody squeeze in the space and take place in a long table, or wherever they could find a place to stand. A young lady in black dress is welcoming us to her kitchen.

She is Camila at the age of 5 or perhaps 6. She’s Brazilian and her parents were good friends… After school she goes home and cook herself a meal her mother prepared before. She watches a lot of TV:

– one might not have money, but one always have TV… at least one –

When she gets bored visits her neighbor.

The audience listen to her good mood told story, laughing in a nervous confusion… is it really amusing?

A smart way to process food, to process childhood.’  Lala Nomada, performance artist.