What If?


What If? is a mobile performance inspired by a previous performance by Camila Rhodi, “A Dona do Fusca Laranja” ( The Owner of the Orange Beetle) which the artist used to drive the audience in her own car having as a scenery the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On this performance the performer took people on different points of the city sharing existential facts of a life, the pain and the beauty of it.

For this piece the artist invites a group of local Israeli-Palestinian actors to take part in a workshop based on the techniques of Augusto Boal and the Theater of the Oppressed as well as in her own process of autobiographical creation in order to develop solos. At the process Camila Rhodi will encourage each actor to work based on their own stories relating to their own lives and the way Tel-Aviv/ Lod.

What if? is developed special for Drisat Regel Festival – B_Tours Tel-Aviv/Jaffa/Lod 2017. In the days of the festival the passengers will take a ride in a vehicle on a journey between Tel-Aviv and Lod. The road and the journey in this piece serve as both the actual setting of the performance as well as a metaphor to the detours, rest-stops or shortcuts taken on the road and life. Camila Rhodi together with the performers, creates an intimate environment for the duration of the ride in which they share stories supported by conversations, music, pictures and small poems while inviting the audience to share their own stories and experiences along the way.

Continuing the artist’s research based on memories, affection, sexuality and violence, the live performance What If? is developed in order to discuss the relation between choices and oppression. While the travel, What If? invites the audience to stay together in a vehicle, in an intimate mobile performance having as a scenery the road between two Israeli cities and all the memories, facts, images and stories that separate and add them.

  18th and 19th of Mai 2017