Works – from past until present


It was 2004 in the Theater School Martins Penna, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Everything started with a play named Absence. I thought of creating a scene on my own absences – my mother and my father. In it I played a cassette tape with the sound of me and my mother talking. I was just … Continue reading Absence

A Filha da Chacrete

In 2008 it was the year of my first autobiographical play, A Filha da Chacrete ( The Rockett’s Daugther). From improvisations based on objects and memories, first experiences of life, happiness, traumas, dreams and reflexions. Through a scenic confession that takes place on the stage, A Filha da Chacrete invites the audience to reflect on their own lives and relationships with the past and consequently … Continue reading A Filha da Chacrete

The Owner of the Orange Beetle

The Owner of the Orange Beetle, a performance-installation  inside an Orange Volkswagen Beetle.   “The Owner of the Orange Beetle” is an autofictional performance-installation based on the memories of the artist Camila Rhodi. Set in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, each day Rhodi takes visitors to different locations to share significant stories from her … Continue reading The Owner of the Orange Beetle


‘In 2011, performance artist Camila Rhodi had an accident while driving her beetle Volkswagen in Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rhodi unexpectedly veered off the paved road to discover her breaks were malfunctioning. Despite her areligious background, Rhodi instinctively began to pray. This is the video documentation of Camilla Rhodi’s performance piece that recreates … Continue reading Ice

Over 18 Only (video)

  The video shows the past memories of the same non-fictional woman in her childhood. This time the viewer gets in contact with the details of sexual abuse experienced by a child at home. ‘Home for me has never really meant safeness’ A black and white serious story of violence.    

Over 18 only (video installation)

    OVER 18 ONLY is a multimedia performance based on a parallel between the artist’s love affairs and her sexual abuse experience in childhood. In a confined space with one bed, each person from the audience lays down comfortably on the bed, sees the first video called Long Time No Sex projected on the ceiling and hears with headphones a mixed soundtrack based on Serge Gainsbourg‘s song Je T’aime. Next, another video called … Continue reading Over 18 only (video installation)

Long time no sex (video)

Drops of love affairs experiences are written in red letters on a toilet paper. Beside the distortion of the song Je T’aime moi non plus, the work is a mix of erotic, funny and ironic random stories.  The public display of intimate life details, with a non-fear of confronting sexual ethics, gender norms, and the … Continue reading Long time no sex (video)

Take me

  As an autobiographical portrait, ‘Take Me’ delves into personal history, cultural influences, and loneliness. The table, along with the vivid colors of selected objects, focused lighting, mechanical voiceover, and deliberate movements, creates an aesthetic distance between the artist and the audience. The performance consists of both intentional and spontaneous writings, punctuated by silences and … Continue reading Take me

Do you wanna talk about it?

Live Performance ‘Do U Wanna Talk About It?’ is a performative installation. In a private room, one member of the audience enters the room alone, sits in front of the artist and looks into the deep abyss of former experiences. The performance is autobiographical, only for one spectator and it lasts 4 minutes. (English and … Continue reading Do you wanna talk about it?

A possibility to love

Inspired by the work of french 1970s fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, I made the video installation ‘A possibility to love’ as a transcription of one of the his pictures. I used my own image as an alive doll projected inside a gift box to build a body sculpture waiting for someone to ‘pick her up’. … Continue reading A possibility to love


Audio Installation . 2014 A polyphony of  home-made female voice recordings. Seven women sing, exposing feelings, simplicity and beauty.   with Landa Anjos. Luna Martinelli . Alexandra Wiltshire. Bruna Nunes. Camilla Ribas. Fannie Faivre. Francisca Villela aka Panxi.   Berlin 2014 . Musterzimmer Gallery . Curated by Lola Lustosa      

Collaborative Works

2020: The Book of S of I : Creatures born from Hopelessness Another world, post-apocalypse. Feverish nightmares turning into utopian dreams. Bodies aligned in pleasure, summoning the ghosts of the past and the future. Give yourself into the world of The Book of S of I – a queer feminist sci-fi Saga about the desire … Continue reading Collaborative Works

The Ethical Slut

Multimedia Performance, a pocket karaoke concert.  The performance is based on stories of physical and psychological violence towards women from all over the world. The artist takes the audience on a journey starting from the slum music from Brazil passing by some feminist, and queer pop songs. The public display of intimate life details, fighting … Continue reading The Ethical Slut


Using an audio in conjunction with a video which doesn’t have any image, Camila Rhodi combines a text spoken in a gripping voice with a continuous black screen. This confluence of audio and blank visual invites the audience in a natural way to create their own images in their mind. VENUES 2016:  Viena Contemporary. curated by Olaf Stüber – … Continue reading HOPE

Free Kisses

Live Performance What have to do an affective work with solidarity, social networks and forms of community? Are interpersonal contacts egalitarian, free, collaborative and non-hierarchical? On this performance installation, Camila Rhodi stays between 30 minutes and one hour standing behind a showcase, waiting for ‘costumers’ who wants to have free kisses of her. November 28, 2016 at MAIZ, … Continue reading Free Kisses

The most amazing stories of a daughter

THE MOST AMAZING STORIES OF A DAUGHTER a live performance about sugar, addiction, absence and maternal love. While I sniff lines of sugar, the audience joins an intimate dialogue in a kitchen exchanging stories about junk food, sugar, sex, addictions, absences and maternal love. It is a 20 micro Theater piece about a  6, 7 … Continue reading The most amazing stories of a daughter

What If?

a public intervention On a bus ride between Lod and Tel Aviv a group of actors join the commuters while reflecting on the relation between choices and oppression. The tour is a brief intervention into everyday reality inviting the travelers to a personal encounter around life, the pain and the beauty of it. In cooperation … Continue reading What If?

Is there love in Berlin? Partcipatory Lecture Performance

After collecting stories in the neighborhood of Neukölln, Rhodi invites the audience to a multimedia participatory lecture-performance about stories of love in Berlin. The artist met some residents of Neukölln in order to talk about their stories of love. At the same period, Rhodi researched about historical stories that happened in the same neighborhood.  With … Continue reading Is there love in Berlin? Partcipatory Lecture Performance


In this work the artist talks about love relationships with women, starting with her mother. A bed set in the middle of the space, explores the qualities of it as a place of birth, love, sex, loneliness and death. Surrounded by 3 small TVs that shows stories of love, drama and porn & politics, the visitants … Continue reading LONG TIME NO SLEEP

Porn & Politics

Stories of lesbian sexual intimacy reflecting on the relation between the act of sex and the act of filming. venues: TOP BAR KINO for CINEMA NEXT, Vienna 2018. Porn Film Festival Vienna. Fortuna Kino, Vienna 2019. Remembering Pride: Queering the Night, WUK, Vienna 2019

midve zeliva, logistics of loneliness

invited by & in collaboration with Marja Christians Küntlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany – 2018

Das ist doch noch a love song, paradise version

I took a walk through Friedrichshain, passed by all Karl – Marx – Allee until Alexanderplatz. By walking I understood why I was there, why I came here, why at first I always back home with my painful feet, because of long walks, like a crazy person in love who can do everything to be … Continue reading Das ist doch noch a love song, paradise version

petit genre noise

An audio installation that brings to the exhibition the inside ambiance of Vivian Suter’s home in Panajachel. The sound of the forest, the noise of the dogs, the tropical rain and a variety of  languages coming directly from the artist’s living room. Throughout a vintage telephone appliance that represents not only the one placed at Suter’s … Continue reading petit genre noise


Produced between Vienna and Berlin since 2019, my drawing series of nude female bodies connect with my participatory performance work, reformulated in a bidimensional format as a minimalistic operation where I rethink the fundamentals of my artistic practice: physical proximity, intimacy, interdependence, co-authorship, vulnerability and negotiation of borders. Both mediums for me represent different approaches … Continue reading drawings

OMA, stories I heard about the Women of my family

2 channel video installation, 14 min., sound , color, Berlin, Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, 2021 OMA deals with some of the stories I heard about the Women in my family, their migration from Austria to Brazil escaping poor living conditions in the aftermath of the First World War, and the continuation of their precarity in … Continue reading OMA, stories I heard about the Women of my family